Tantric Massage

Tan’ and Tra’ means liberation and freedom, and combination of two - Tantra - means expresion and creativity. Tantra is a spiritual and physical way, that will give you supreme pleasure and long lasting relax. Tantra massage is exceptionally enjoyable, life changing experience in many different ways. Tantra roots from India and Tibet, and first relations of trantra massage range nearly 8,000 years ago.

Tantra is unique nad exciting doorway to self discovery, which lead through meditation, yoga and essential relaxation breathing techniques to infuse the delights of receiving a tantric realisation. Tantra massage provided by our skilled and beautifull girls will awaken that what is waiting to be ignited. Exotic touch that includes erogenous zones, and a full body massage, to include every part of your body.

Tantra massage performed by our girls includes everything essential, none part of your body will be left out. It is a holistic form of discovering more about yourself, wchich leads from subtle touch, to strong erotic and very exciting sexual arousal.  We use all the available senses, as touch, smell, visionary, and listening to soothing music in the background.

A slow sensual light touch, at the begining. By using her skills the masseuse you choose, will include a fusion of tactile caressing. At some point she will take you to the breathing techniques where your erotic foreplay techniques are brought to receive the highest pleasure. It is at this point the lingam massage is taken through several peaks of even higher pleasure each time, then the masseuse will skilfully, relax you out!

Tantra massage includes also body to body massage, wchich is performed by masseuse naked, using her entire body to literally slide with you.